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OSD, GPS, Data Loggers, etc... Page under construction

One of the coolest things about flying FPV is
the use of On Screen Displays (OSD) for gauges. The OSD over lays the data on to the flight screen allowing the FPV pilot to monitor the aircraft's battery voltage, distance from pilot, heading, GPS lon/lat, altitude, speed, etc...

"Crash9"  flies over fireworks display. OSDpro shows the data from elogger.

The OSD displays all the key information about your model’s status, and can have many advanced features such as voice alerts, high resolution graphics, a “RADAR” synthetic map, “Return to Home (RTH),” Artifical Horizon display (AH), Acoustic Variometer, and waypoints within visual range.
 To use most good OSD's systems you must also have use a data logger that incorperates voltage sensors and GPS info. The OSD simply takes the information from the data logger and places it on the screen. Most OSD's allow you to set up the display they way you like letting you place the info in different parts of the screen. You can also select what you want on screen or what you don't want.