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RC Aircraft & Autos Piloted By Wireless Video. Putting You in the Pilot seat!

This Site is here to help others who are interested in
 remote video Piloting and/or Driving
 FPV piloting has become popular with Radio Controlled airplanes, R/C helicopters, cars and boats.
Also known as First Person Video (FPV) or Remote Video Piloting (RVP).

  What is First Person View?  also known as FPV. The term is used in describing what a person would be looking at if they where there in-person. Example: If you placed a video camera on your forehead and allowed someone to watch your views via wireless video link, they would be watching the First Person Views of what ever your looking at. So the term FPV caught on with the help of some of the pioneers of FPV piloting. With the assistance of a wireless video transmitter and receiver the user will see what the Remote Controlled heli/plane/car sees from the driver/pilot seat. This gives the user a real sense of controlling their aircraft/vehicle in the skies or on the ground. Most of the people who enjoy FPV piloting and do well with it are typically persons who like video simulation games like... flight simulators, auto racing, etc....Also full-size aircraft pilots seem to pick up FPV piloting with ease. So why not call it "UAV piloting" or "Drones" since they really are sorta like UAV drones...One reason is with the term FPV there's a general understanding in the RC community that a person is controlling the aircraft movements in real time while watching the wireless video downlink and is not using a auto-pilot PC based flight control system with programed waypoints, altitudes, speed etc...which is normal for UAV's so in short FPV piloting is done by piloting and not programing a flight like UAV/drones.

  Most FPV aircraft are not much more then a short range light weight cheap foam RC plane with a simple wireless camera on board.

FPV Pilots View on board 600 heli.

The uses of FPV are vast for all kinds of fun projects. So be safe, have fun and follow all local, state and national laws.


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